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[ Who we are ]

Think Boldly.
Connect Deeply.

Meeting the complex demands of government IT and digital transformation means more than checking boxes.

You don’t just need talent, you need a team. You don’t just need knowledge, you need thoughtful expertise. You don’t just need someone who can do the job, you need people who get the mission.

We get it. Let’s dig in.

[ What we offer ]

Think Boldly.
Connect Deeply.

For 30 years, we’ve offered complex IT solutions to a variety of .GOV clients. We design and develop with you in a highly consultative manner and we always build with your end user in mind.

We’re fiercely collaborative – because we actually believe the old axiom that relationships always come first.

[ Who we serve ]

Think Boldly.
Connect Deeply.

Founded on expertise, built with passion and sustained with respect for our clients, CTAC serves a wide variety of state, local, and federal government entities.

In every place you serve, our solutions are there, meeting the mission with impact.


With over 30 years of experience in leading IT modernization projects, we’re a team that gets it done and gets it right.

Need something a bit more specific?

Our Work

Whether it be a built from scratch or on the back of open-source technology, our work takes a human-centric approach.

Department of

A laptop and mobile device showing the Department of Energy seal and the website for Oak Ridge National Laboratory, both of which are client so CTAC

There’s more where that came from.

AWS + ctac

Your AWS Advanced Partner

We’re an Amazon Web Services preferred cloud solution provider for Federal and State Governments. We are an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and have achieved the AWS Government, DevOps, Migration and Public Safety and Disaster Response Competencies. Our AWS professional services can be leveraged across multiple contract vehicles including CIO-SP3, STARS III and GSA IT 70 (Cloud SIN: 518210C).

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