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customized for your mission.

What’s the cloud solution best suited for your workloads? That’s the question our team of experts sets out to answer when creating a solution that’s right for you.

When you’re working with public, private and hybrid cloud models, every solution requires a different touch. We get it, and our expertise combined with your understanding of the need, results in a superior solution. Our network of official partners ensures we have the right fit for your requirements.

We’re an AWS Advanced Partner and through our work have achieved the Government, DevOps and Public Safety and Disaster Response Competencies. CTAC has also been granted a Master Services Agreement with AWS, so our engineers work closely to support and supplement AWS’s own team of Professional Services for their clients. Additionally, we’re partners, and work hand in hand with Microsoft Azure and Google’s Cloud Platform (GCP).

Let’s do this together!

Illustrated icon of a cloud

Strategy & Consultation

Our technology must serve the people who use it. So we take a human-centric approach to our consultative work, whether the solution is built from scratch, or utilizes vetted, open-source technology.

After understanding your needs, we thoughtfully evaluate each situation to arrive at the solution that’s best for you. Whether you simply need access to the cloud, or newly designed and fully managed infrastructures – CTAC is your partner.

Architecture & Design

You need enhanced scalability, lower infrastructure costs, decreased time-to-deploy, and an improved user experience, so you can focus on delivering for the mission. Our focus on cloud orchestration and serverless architecture makes this possible.

CTAC architects and manages secure, hybrid, cloud-native solutions to best meet mission critical demands. We follow 12-factor development principles and leverage the AWS Well-Architected Framework.

Migration & Optimization

Need to transition from complicated, monolithic, and/or manually managed environments to a flexible cloud environment?

We can help!

Whether you’re looking for a “lift-and-shift” or a re-platforming effort to maximize the benefits of cloud computing, CTAC’s approach is tailored to your situation and your organizational needs.

Security & Infrastructure Management

In order to provide the highly available, scalable and secure hosting platform that our public sector clients require, CTAC has built and maintains a Cloud Center of Excellence, or CCE, to serve as the core infrastructure. CTAC’s CCE is a turn-key, pre-built AWS technology stack offering shared engineering services which provides our clients with a ready-made, secure cloud-native platform. Across our public sector portfolio, CTAC’s clients are able to save time and money by leveraging the CTAC CCE to orchestrate and manage security controls. CTAC’s CCE not only provides our clients with hardened base images ready to host their custom application solutions, but also provides the services, documentation and artifacts that accelerate the ability to attain an Authority to Operate from an agency’s CISO and security team.

Our Partners