Illustration of a digital lock with multiple security layers

A Security First Approach
in Meeting Your Mission

The security of your workloads, applications, and systems is the security of your entire enterprise and the viability of the mission itself. But architecting workloads, applications, and systems to meet stringent security requirements is a challenge. CTAC offers the knowledge, capabilities, and experience to help you navigate, automate, and accelerate building secure workloads against multiple federal standards and best practices.

Through proven best practices and partnerships, CTAC’s security-first design approach accelerates development and time-to-launch for our solutions. Through experience, custom automation and web accessibility tools, and expedited timeframes for security audits, obtaining an Authority to Operate (ATO) is just one trick up our sleeve.

CTAC has successfully launched and maintained 700+ secure federal workloads in the cloud.

How can we help you?

Illustration of a digital lock with multiple security layers

Your Road to ATO

Relying on CTAC as your trusted partner ensures that you obtain and maintain the necessary ATO over any system under your stewardship. Need authorization? Accelerate your time to ATO via our proven track record with Authorizing Officials.

Cloud-Native Security

Cloud-Native security means having the assurance that your most valuable assets are both accessible and safe. Establishing and implementing the appropriate controls at every layer means you can move safely into cloud environments while protecting your data and apps. It means that CTAC implements zero-trust best practices, continuously validating every interaction.


It can be difficult knowing where to apply the most vigilance without knowing your vulnerabilities first. Our experts will help you focus your security efforts in the right places, across your enterprise.

Automated Compliance

Making your compliance automatic. Yes, it’s just like it sounds. We try to make sure that Artificial Intelligence becomes Intuitive Intelligence. That way, systems can be trusted to monitor themselves and update protocols as rapidly as needed, keeping you compliant in real time.

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