CTAC’s DevOps solutions powered by AWS

Iterative, collaborative, and agile. Software updates and releases need to equip and accelerate the functions of your team – not stall them. CTAC’s FedRAMP compliant DevOps ensures continuous delivery to your business and IT teams.

Cloud Native Development

Design applications as cloud-first systems that quickly integrate cloud services. CTAC aggregates, composites, and layers cloud services during app development. This allows us to avoid redundancies and unnecessary re-work, adding efficiency to your operation.

Agile Development

Building responsive web applications with your end-user in mind and your mission in focus: that’s CTAC. Our Agile development approach means we stay flexible with evolving requirements, rapidly prototype proofs of concepts, and maintain more realistic time estimates based on actual metrics and data. Our flexible development team collaborates with you throughout the process!


Automated test, quality gates, code security, performance analysis, delivery

Automated testing

Test automation saves you time, reduces developer effort, and increases reliability.

How? By reducing the risks associated with ever-evolving requirements and the introduction of new features. It saves time and resources compared to manual testing, allowing for more frequent and comprehensive testing.

Microservices & Serverless

The use of microservices in software development has revolutionized the way teams approach complex systems. By breaking these systems down into smaller, more manageable components, development teams can increase their efficiency and responsiveness. This approach aligns with DevOps principles, allowing teams to own smaller parts of the system and reduce dependencies on other teams. As a result, new features can be launched faster and maximum value is delivered first.

At CTAC, we understand the importance of empowering development teams to be self-sufficient. By providing them with the tools and technologies they need to be efficient and effective, we ensure that they are responsive to the needs of our clients. Our adoption of serverless technology, such as AWS Lambda, further supports this goal by allowing teams to focus on delivering value instead of managing infrastructure. With CTAC, you can be confident that your development teams are working efficiently and delivering the results you need.

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