Department of Energy


CTAC supports the Department of Energy with AWS tech services.


As a prime contractor, CTAC is providing advanced AWS solutions to support the Oak Ridge National Lab to provide cyber security and high performance computing solutions for multi-cloud complex scientific workloads.


CTAC is a CTA member on the TechSource TEPS III BPA for a variety of IT needs including nuclear engineering, security management, environmental management and sustainability, nuclear nonproliferation, and WDACS support.


CTAC has supported the Office of Environmental Management (EM) with its technical qualification and career development program as well as its human capital management and planning program. CTAC developed and conducted EM’s “START” training.


CTAC supported the Office of Engineering and Construction Management’s (OECM) Independent Project Review program by providing subject matter experts to review major system acquisition projects scope, cost and schedule requirements.


CTAC supported DNS with personnel security, information security, physical security and further supports DNS by developing a vulnerability assessment program.