Streamlining Your Drupal Migration with CTAC

In the realm of .gov websites, where functionality, security, and compliance are top priority, Drupal emerges as a powerful tool. With its open-source community, flexibility, and adherence to standards, Drupal stands out as a preferred and proven content management system (CMS) for many government agencies. Moreover, when coupled with the expertise of organizations like CTAC, a Drupal migration can provide government agencies with a platform to truly achieve their digital transformation goals while also enhancing the overall user experience by meeting critical government standards.

Understanding Drupal’s Benefits

Drupal’s appeal lies in its robust open-source community, comprising hundreds of thousands of developers continually enhancing security and introducing new features. Its highly flexible nature allows for extensive customization with lightweight code, ensuring sustainability and adaptability over time while avoiding cost prohibitive licensing associated with other CMS platforms. Additionally, Drupal aligns seamlessly with US Web Design Standards and Section 508, as it is essential for government websites to ensure accessibility for all users.

CTAC’s Approach to Drupal Migrations

CTAC adopts a structured Agile Approach tailored to government requirements and agencies’ unique needs. This approach goes above facilitating seamless migrations. It also enhances websites to meet customer needs and align with digital strategy goals by enabling the evolution of requirements during the migration. This ensures that our clients maximize the available functionality of Drupal and evolve business practices to streamline workflows and mitigate current pain points by establishing automated processes.  CTAC goes beyond migration, prioritizing user experience optimization in collaboration with the customer. Our NN/g Designers work closely with agencies to ensure that websites not only transition smoothly but also offer enhanced value and flexibility to users, moving beyond a flat “lift and shift” approach.

CTAC’s innovative tools, like our Content Migration tool alongside Drupal migration modules, enables our teams to complete a migration efficiently within a timeframe of 120 days.

Benefits of CTAC’s Drupal Migrations

By focusing on user experiences, CTAC ensures that internal and external audiences can engage and access information effectively and efficiently. We operate as a genuine partner, fostering collaboration and transparency throughout the migration process, thereby instilling confidence in agencies’ digital endeavors.

CTAC’s AWS Resell status further amplifies opportunities for agencies by providing cost-effective hosting solutions through the AWS platform. Our AWS partnership and expertise enhances the security, reliability, and availability of government websites.

Our experience having successfully migrated dozens of Federal websites has provided our teams with a nuanced understanding of the federal workspace and its unique requirements. This expertise equips them to navigate complex challenges and deliver tailored solutions that meet the diverse needs of public-facing websites.

In conclusion, the combination of Drupal’s capabilities with our expertise presents a compelling proposition for government agencies seeking to enhance their digital presence. By leveraging Drupal migrations facilitated by CTAC, agencies can not only ensure compliance and security but also deliver user-centric experiences that empower citizens and advance government objectives. Learn more about Drupal here: Learn more about CTAC’s Drupal practice here:

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