CTAC UI/UX Designers Earn Expert Certification

Two CTAC user-interface/user-experience (UI/UX) designers received their professional certifications in User Experience (UX) at the Expert level at the Nielsen Norman Group (NNg) UX Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, last week. They are working their way to a Master level certification in UX.

“The significance of this esteemed certification is not only in the continued education and expertise of CTAC’s employees, but it is also leveraged as a huge benefit to our clients,” said President/CEO Don Royal. “Human-centered design is imperative and is a top priority for CTAC to deliver that requirement.”

With over 40 full-day, in-depth courses, the NNg conference provides an incomparable experience for UX designers worldwide. In order to obtain a certification, attendance and completion of preferential courses with respective examinations is required. The UX Expert certification is equivalent to completing a third portion in a graduate program.

Creating and delivering web services, applications and content ultimately revolves around the user. UI/UX Designer Shreyasi Rudra describes, “NNg conference was a great learning opportunity for me. A lot of research experience, which I can directly apply to my work to make our products, applications or website have a solid human-centered design approach.”

“The NNg conference energized my passion of creating usable products that are available to everyone, regardless of their experience or impediments,” said UI/UX Designer Annika Das. “I look forward to applying my realizations in future work, both professionally and in consideration of everyday life encounters.” Now, even more than before, what sets CTAC apart is having a highly regarded stamp of approval to show not only an understanding but a strong capability.

User experience details the ease of use in any website, application or designed product. Usefulness, usability, findability, accessibility and credibility are aspects researched and tested as a continuous Agile or Lean process in UX design. UX designers work alongside developers and other team members while testing targeted users’ compatibility with the application. Techniques include but not limited to competitive research, surveys, personas (character representations of users), A/B testing, paper prototyping, wireframes, wireflows, card sorting, user observations and accessibility testing.

Nielsen Norman Group is a UX research and consulting firm providing organizations with educational skills and tools needed to refine their user experience wheelhouse. NNg is located in Fremont, California, offering in-house trainings as well as online courses and trainings.

Founded in 1993 and headquartered in Falls Church, Virginia, CTAC is CMMI Level II for development and an IT and cloud services provider enabling innovative technology solutions for 25 years. CTAC has substantive experience creating and building solutions for state and local governments and proudly supports more than a dozen federal agencies with engineering, IT and technology modernization initiatives.

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