CTAC Launches DREdata System at NHTSA & Wins contract re-compete at FDA

Starting off the year with a bang, the month of January was a big one for CTAC. We have two exciting pieces of news to share related to projects we are excited to announce around continued support to our clients.

Department of Transportation (DOT) National Highway and Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) Drug Recognition Expert (DREdata) System launched officially last week. The DREdata System is used by local law enforcement and Federal government to aggregate toxicology reports. DREdata is used by officers to assist in standardized best practices for field sobriety testing and is critical for accurate information sharing and reporting  in order to effectively identify and prosecute impaired drivers.

Also rounding out January was the win of Health and Human Services (HHS) Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Web Services contract re-compete. CTAC has been supporting HHS since 1999, and we are happy to continue to provide the Department support at one of its most crucial agencies. Click here to read more about the contract award.

CTAC is a CMMI L2 Dev., privately-owned small business has been providing AWS cloud solutions, APIs, AI/ML, web application development, Drupal content management, DevSecOps, and creative business process solutions to government and private sector clients since 1993 and to HHS since 1999. CTAC believes in meeting the needs of customers to accomplish their missions with the best solutions for all IT, business, and leadership groups.

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