CTAC Achieves the AWS Migration Competency

We are proud to announce that CTAC has reached yet another significant milestone in our ongoing partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS). CTAC has achieved the AWS Migration Competency. With this new competency, CTAC is the only small business AWS partner to have achieved the Government, DevOps, Migration and Public Safety and Disaster Response Competencies. The AWS Competency program recognizes partners who have demonstrated exceptional expertise and success in specific areas of AWS services. This latest designation further strengthens CTAC’s position as a trusted AWS partner in delivering seamless and efficient cloud migration solutions.

With this competency, our clients can be confident that CTAC will provide them with a range of benefits, including:

Migration strategy and planning: CTAC helps our clients develop a comprehensive migration strategy tailored to their specific needs and goals. This includes assessing existing infrastructure, identifying suitable migration paths, and creating a roadmap for a successful migration.

Application migration: CTAC possesses the necessary expertise to rehost, replatform, or refactor applications for optimal performance in the AWS environment. CTAC ensures a smooth transition by minimizing disruptions and ensuring compatibility with AWS services.

Data migration and integration: CTAC assists clients in seamlessly migrating their data to AWS, ensuring data integrity, security, and minimal downtime. They also enable data integration with existing systems and provide ongoing support for data management.

Optimization and cost management: CTAC helps businesses optimize their infrastructure in the AWS cloud, ensuring cost-effectiveness and scalability. We provide ongoing monitoring, performance tuning, and cost management to maximize the benefits of AWS services.

For 30 years, CTAC has built a team of people and a business around them, who know what it means to put the mission first. We continually invest in our team to ensure that we stay at the cutting edge of technology, so our clients are never getting yesterday’s solution today. Achieving the Migration Competency is just the most recent step in CTAC’s dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction. We empower agencies to migrate their mission critical workloads, applications and systems to the cloud with confidence, while unlocking the benefits of enhanced agility, scalability, and cost savings.

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