Drupal SharePoint Connector Case Study

Illustration of a computer with blocks and bits flying off of the screen

An independent Federal Agency selected CTAC as the small business of choice to manage their Acquia Drupal work. After establishing the Acquia platform and migrating the websites to the Drupal Content Management System, the customer needed a solution to better manage their content review workflows. In order to ensure the reliability and security of the website only specific users have access to edit and publish updates in Drupal.  The agency needed an alternative platform to collaborate with internal stakeholders.  As the agency had already adopted SharePoint as an internal tool, CTAC worked with the agency stakeholders to streamline collaboration within SharePoint while retaining the security and reliability of the website.

To allow the site workflows and data to be accessible to more staff, CTAC built an integration between Drupal and SharePoint. CTAC’s team of Acquia Drupal-certified developers and site builders added integration for web form feedback data from the public-facing website. This data can be stored in the database, shared in Sharepoint, or both. Then they expanded the same model to all Drupal content, by dynamically pulling in all content type and web form data, allowing the customer to access all Drupal content as needed. The Connector tool has the ability to map all fields present on Drupal to fields in SharePoint. Since the data transfer happens automatically in real-time, there is no lag to use the data.

The User Interface, designed by CTAC’s NN/g Certified Master, is easy to navigate and provides a comprehensive list of settings and configurations. This allows for flexibility in the control of data. As a result, the customer is better enabled to create the exact lists, permissions, and workflows they require.

The Connector leverages Microsoft Graph API via client and secret keys which are read-in from environment variables. Managers can easily oversee permissions and views, based on previously established organization structures in SharePoint. This makes for an especially secure system while avoiding burdensome costs.

Between smooth user adoption, real-time data transfer, and excellent security, the Drupal SharePoint connector is a valuable tool for any organization looking for the benefits of both tools! The proprietary solution created by CTAC is currently available in the Drupal Marketplace and has been green-banded which means it is ready for usage on production websites. For more information, visit the marketplace listing or the Contact form on our website.

Illustration of a computer with blocks and bits flying off of the screen