Cyber Solutions: Accelerating ATOs with CTAC and AWS


In the constantly evolving landscape of technology and security, it can be challenging for federal agencies to architect workloads that meet stringent security requirements. Federal clients often face hurdles in navigating, automating, and accelerating the development of compliant workloads on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform. Additionally, the complexity of adhering to security standards like FISMA and NIST 800-53 v5 can be overwhelming.

Illustration of a digital lock with multiple security layers


CTAC, an Advanced AWS Consulting Partner with AWS Government, DevOps, Migration, and Public Safety Competencies, is an audited partner accepted into the Global Security & Compliance Acceleration (ATO) on AWS Program. This program aids AWS Partners in meeting customer authorization needs for security, privacy, and compliance across various sectors, including healthcare, privacy, national security, and finance. It supports government organizations like FedRAMP, FISMA, RMF, and CMMC compliance.

CTAC assures its clients that they are collaborating with seasoned professionals experienced in deploying secure, cloud-based public sector workloads. This partnership and program membership benefit clients by providing access to top-tier CTAC and AWS resources, streamlining the ATO process.

Working with CTAC & AWS means tapping into three decades of expertise in the federal space, ensuring rapid adaptation to federal agencies’ unique security and compliance requirements. CTAC’s solutions follow industry best practices, including compliance with FISMA and FedRAMP through adherence to the AWS Well-Architected Framework and NIST 800-53 v5. CTAC collaborates closely with clients to develop System Security Plans (SSPs) for ATO Audits, boasting a successful track record of achieving 30+ ATOs for clients.

Illustration of a digital lock with multiple security layers


CTAC’s participation in the AWS ATO on AWS program has yielded significant outcomes for federal clients. With the combination of knowledge and experience from CTAC and AWS, our Federal clients benefit from accelerated access to achieving their ATOs, thanks to CTAC’s expertise in designing and implementing secure workloads on AWS. This results in reduced time-to-market for critical applications and services. CTAC’s commitment to security best practices, AWS compliance frameworks, and federal regulations ensures that all solutions are robustly secure, meeting the stringent requirements of government agencies.

CTAC’s participation in AWS’s Global Security & Compliance Acceleration program has positioned us as a trusted partner for federal clients seeking accelerated ATOs while maintaining the highest standards of security and compliance. CTAC’s expertise, partnerships, and comprehensive offerings make them a valuable asset to the federal government’s mission-critical initiatives on the AWS platform.