Digital: CTAC’s Digital Modernization for a Critical Law Enforcement Application


A federal regulations and reporting agency had the need to enhance and modernize a mission-critical application through extensive data migration and user interface modernization. This application was critical for supporting local and state law enforcement in the administration of their duties.

CTAC was uniquely positioned to lead, develop, implement, and sustain this modernization effort, thanks to our existing relationship with our customers and our technical expertise in designing and implementing user-centered applications built on the AWS Cloud.

Illustration of a computer with blocks and bits flying off of the screen



  • CTAC redesigned the user interface leveraging user-centered design principles. CTAC specifically designed menu elements and the overall design to work on mobile and limited-size screen devices, as this is the way that law enforcement accesses the essential application while they are working in the field. Furthermore, CTAC modernized the application by creating role-based user groups which mitigated numerous data entry risks. CTAC implemented a proven tool for MFA authorization/authentication to assure the reliability and security of the application.


  • CTAC created a new modern database and scheme which provided our client with a more cost-effective database capable of handling the data sharing requirements needed by law enforcement. CTAC then applied data entry constraints to enforce accurate data input.
  • Additionally, the team created custom scripts to import and transform data from the old Oracle SQL database to MySql. In total, about 800,000 records were migrated from the old system to the new system.


  • The entire application is hosted in the AWS cloud and utilizes many best practice services such as EC2, RDS, S3, CloudFormation, CloudWatch, and Lambda.
Illustration of a computer with blocks and bits flying off of the screen


The new application has been well received by law enforcement and has enhanced their ability to create, access, and review critical information in real-time, directly from their mobile devices.