Digital: CTAC’s Cloud Hosting Solution to Support a Critical Case Management System


A leading Health Agency encountered the task of enhancing and maintaining mission-critical case management and e-filing systems, comprising various technologies and cloud-based services. In response to this intricate challenge, they sought a reliable partner with the expertise to deliver comprehensive DevSecOps support.

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CTAC was uniquely positioned to deliver stability, reliability, and continuous improvement to ensure the agency’s case management system reliability and sustainability, providing critical services to the American public.


  • CTAC designed and modernized the system that supports over a dozen case adjudication workflows through a user-centered interface that meets the requirements of Section 508. The new interface allows users to quickly and easily navigate to the information they need. Furthermore, CTAC alleviated numerous pinch points and automated workflows to increase the efficiency of the agency and improve public satisfaction.


  • CTAC brings a comprehensive understanding of the AWS services and technical capabilities required to efficiently manage the AWS-based system and the infrastructure that supports it. CTAC leverages best practices to provide a cost-effective scaling to seamlessly handle system growth and peak workloads, minimizing downtime with high availability architecture and redundancy measures. Secure, reliable storage enables swift data handling to ensure the privacy and security of the most sensitive information within the system. CTAC implemented and managed hundreds of security controls resulting in five ATOs on behalf of the agency, most recently in 2021.


  • CTAC implemented case case-related document search, which has greatly improved customer satisfaction within the agency. All case-related uploads, files ranging from one to 600+ pages per document, are OCRed using AWS TextExtract. OCRed decision files are indexed using AWS OpenSearch for searching.
  • Hardened data models are particularly important for the agency as sensitive or confidential information is stored. These models help the agency maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of its data in the face of evolving cybersecurity threats.


  • CTAC assumed a crucial role in designing, building, and sustaining the cloud-based applications. Our team of AWS Cloud specialists not only introduced creative and secure solutions but also integrated cost-effective strategies. These initiatives significantly increased the agency’s efficiency and transparency while upholding the highest security standards.


  • To reduce downtime and provide our agency with faster delivery and updates, CTAC created a continuous integration and deployment tool. This has allowed our client to provide enhancements and system updates without interrupting the availability of the application.
Illustration of a computer with blocks and bits flying off of the screen


CTAC’s integration of user-centered design enhancements built on AWS leveraging the latest best practices, tools, and technologies has vastly improved the user experience and strengthened our customer’s relationships with their stakeholders.