Cloud Services: Value-Added Multi-CSP Resale


A large US independent federal agency required unrestricted access to cloud services for its multi-tenant ecosystem across multiple cloud service providers (CSP) in order to meet its diverse and expanding storage and computational needs. As a key agency in the preservation of documents, materials, and records, this federal agency quickly became one of the largest users of cloud-based storage in the US Government. The agency required a CSP reseller with established relationships with CSPs that could deliver continued cost savings, optimization, and best-in-class cloud engineering and DevOps expertise to support and supplement current and future work.

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CTAC provides transparent and effective financial management for our customers, including regular monitoring of cloud service spend tracking. CTAC is committed to providing unparalleled support and resources to ensure the continued success of our client’s cloud initiatives. CTAC supported the agency’s requirements by:

  • Total Spend Visibility and Tracking: CTAC provided access to CSP native interfaces that allow the Government to view real-time spending across various dimensions; including CSP, Customer, Project, CLIN, Funding, and any other relevant dimensions. These interfaces provide on-demand, unrestricted access, enabling real-time tracking of funding allocations, apportionment across services, monthly invoicing, and remaining funding amounts.
  • Detailed Usage Reporting: CTAC included the creation of monthly invoices and supporting documentation that offers granular insights into usage. These encompassed cost breakdowns per account or subscription, and detailed costs per usage type (e.g., server types, storage, bandwidth), ensuring transparency and accountability in cost management.
  • Funds Expenditure Notifications: CTAC created automated alerts in order to notify the government when allocated funding and ceiling prices for each CLIN/Order hit pre-defined thresholds. Additionally, CTAC provided alerts when there were three months or less of available cloud services based on remaining funds, allowing for timely budget adjustments.
  • Office Hours & Engineering Support: CTAC’s team of Project Managers, Cloud Architects, and DevOps engineers routinely met with agency personnel in support of the multiple, concurrent cloud development projects across over 20 different development teams. CTAC provided consultation in planning sessions, recommendation of services for cost/usage performance and optimization, troubleshooting issues, and assistance in the provisioning of accounts, instances, and the purchase of reserved instances and savings plans.
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CTAC proactively enhances our clients’ cloud environments, seeking ongoing optimization and modernization. We believe continuous optimization is vital in today’s rapidly evolving tech landscape. Our cloud engineering teams regularly review new tools to identify optimization and modernization opportunities across our managed portfolio, ensuring secure, performant environments.

Static cloud setups limit innovation, flexibility, and cost efficiency. Our continuous optimization approach delivers benefits like improved security, performance, and significant cost savings. We’re dedicated to staying ahead and finding innovative ways to optimize client cloud environments, delivering high-quality services.

CTAC’s value-added approach provides robust Cost Management and Engineering services for the Government. This fosters financial transparency, proactive fund management, and ongoing cost optimization. Tailored reporting, compliance, and collaborative document management streamline our client’s cloud-related financial processes efficiently.