Cloud Services: Multi-Tenant PaaS Offering in AWS


For over 20 years, CTAC has supported and worked with multiple agencies completing complex technological initiatives under the United States Department of Health and Human Services. One such HHS agency, whose mission is to make health care safer, higher quality, more accessible, equitable, and affordable, turned to CTAC to help them through their cloud journey. 

Aligned with the Federal Cloud First policy, our client had already been utilizing cloud technologies for several years. However, they faced significant challenges. Legacy workloads needed modernization, cost and performance optimization were imperative, and there was a pressing need to provide a cutting-edge Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution to inter-agency tenants.

Recognizing these hurdles, CTAC was engaged to take charge of the existing Cloud Enclave environment. Our role encompassed managing the environment, facilitating the migration of websites and web applications, ensuring robust security and compliance measures, and driving the expansion and maturation of the environment through the implementation of innovative technologies and solutions.

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One of the first steps in managing a multi-tenant AWS environment is establishing strong communication channels. CTAC understood the importance of clear communication to grasp the ecosystem’s nuances and address each tenant’s unique needs. We held regular meetings with enclave tenants and stakeholders, gathering vital information and gaining insights into the platform’s intricacies.

Understanding tenant concerns was key. We actively sought input and feedback to create a comprehensive view of challenges and opportunities. Assessing each tenant’s development backlog revealed evolving needs and priorities.

Through these sessions and discussions, CTAC worked closely with tenants to establish a baseline. This served as a reference point to gauge performance, identify bottlenecks, and align with tenant objectives. We collaborated on roadmaps and backlogs tailored to their workloads, outlining steps for effective support and addressing critical issues promptly.

In coordination with enclave ownership, CTAC embarked on modernization and optimization efforts. This included planning and executing initiatives to enhance performance, security, and efficiency while implementing cost-saving measures to align with CTAC and tenant objectives.

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CTAC’s approach revolved around establishing open and productive lines of communication, fostering collaboration with enclave tenants, and leveraging this vital information to develop targeted roadmaps and backlogs. This proactive strategy allowed us to prioritize efforts effectively, address pain points, and usher in a new era of efficiency and optimization within the multi-tenant AWS environment.