Announcing the Partnership Between CTAC and Zscaler

We are excited to announce our new partnership between CTAC and Zscaler. The partnership will bring Zscaler’s industry-leading cybersecurity solutions to CTAC’s public sector clientbase via the AWS Marketplace. This collaboration signifies a pivotal step in CTAC’s commitment to enhancing cloud security and delivering seamless, scalable cybersecurity solutions to our clients.

About the Partnership

CTAC, an Advanced AWS partner which has earned the Government, DevOps, Migration and Public Safety competencies, has joined forces with Zscaler, the leader in cloud security. This will provide unparalleled access to Zscaler’s robust suite of products through the AWS Marketplace. The partnership will enable organizations to effortlessly procure, deploy, and manage Zscaler’s security services, ensuring comprehensive protection for their cloud environments while enhancing CTAC’s cloud based solutions. 

What This Means for Our Clients

With the increasing reliance on cloud infrastructures, the necessity for robust security measures has never been more critical. Our partnership with Zscaler addresses this need by offering advanced security solutions that are easy to access and deploy through the AWS Marketplace. This streamlined procurement process ensures that organizations can quickly enhance their security posture without the complexities typically associated with traditional methods.

Key benefits of the Partnership Between Zscaler and CTAC:

  • Enhanced Security: Zscaler’s solutions provide comprehensive protection against a wide array of cyber threats, ensuring that your data and applications are secure.
  • Simplified Procurement: Through AWS Marketplace, clients can quickly and easily access Zscaler’s products, reducing the time and effort required to enhance their security infrastructure.
  • Scalability: Zscaler’s cloud-native security platform can scale with your organization, providing consistent protection regardless of your size or industry.
  • Cost Efficiency: By leveraging the AWS Marketplace, organizations can benefit from flexible pricing models and potential cost savings, ensuring that top-tier security is accessible to all.

About Zscaler

Zscaler is a global leader in cloud security, providing a comprehensive platform that enables secure digital transformation. With a focus on delivering zero-trust security, Zscaler’s solutions protect users, applications, and data, regardless of location. Their innovative approach ensures that security policies are enforced consistently, providing peace of mind in an ever-evolving cyber landscape.

About CTAC

CTAC is dedicated to helping public sector organizations navigate the complexities of new and emerging technology and achieve their strategic objectives. We have 32 years of expertise in designing and implementing complex solutions in the public sector. This experience ensures that our clients can leverage the latest advancements to drive their success. Our partnership with Zscaler reinforces our dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions that meet the dynamic needs of our clients.

How to Get Started

Organizations interested in leveraging the power of Zscaler’s security solutions through the AWS Marketplace can contact CTAC for more information. Our team of experts is ready to assist you in navigating the procurement process. We want top ensure a seamless transition to enhanced security. For more details, visit our website or reach out to us directly at

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