Open Data & API Development

In an era where products/software can have increasingly short life spans, well designed and documented APIs play a key role in maximizing data and IT investments across the enterprise. We believe sustained results and success prove the real value of a solution.  Learn More

Open Source Technology Evaluation

CTAC has been a long time proponent and contributor to the open source community. We are a driving force behind the adoption of open source technologies by organizations across the industry. Whether you are looking to explore new technology, provide training to your team, or are preparing to make the leap, our strategy group will provide your team with fact-based insights to determine the best approach for your organization.

Open Source Governance

As organizations and agencies realize the value of open data and opensource technologies, the question becomes: “How can organizations safely implement it in a sustainable way?” We have developed open standards and participated in working groups across the government to promote the sharing, reuse, and consumption of data.

ReST API Development

CTAC has raised the bar with Application Program Interface (API) development in the Federal Government. We develop modern ReSTful services, powered by industry standard frameworks, featuring innovative standards like Swagger & JSON. Our APIs are designed to be robust and secure, leveraging fast in-memory caching, encryption, public/private key security, and integration with existing infrastructure such as LDAP and OMB MAX.

Software Development Kit (SDK’s)

An SDK can be a huge boon to developers looking to work with large systems quickly. SDKs can make integrating third party systems into your own infrastructure simple, convenient, and more cost effective than reinventing the wheel. CTAC has developed numerous SDKs for multiple languages and frameworks, including Java, JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, iOS/ObectiveC, and Microsoft .Net.

Social Media API Integration

CTAC is a solutions developer we work with big ideas and broad concepts. Creating realworld products from moments of inspiration, we’ve aggregated powerful social media services to form flexible social media applications. Our applications leverage multiple social networking platforms, including Open Graph and other social media APIs from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn among others.

Metrics and SEO

We’ve developed custom metrics collection and reporting tools to give accurate, time sensitive information to our clients. Whether it’s integrating with the Google Analytics API, or building responsive interactive dashboards, CTAC has the experience and creativity to build mission critical data portals.