Enterprise Infrastructure Management

CTAC provides full scope enterprise services. We have built award-winning, multi-agency enterprise systems as well as cloud environments spanning over 300 servers and supporting 100s of technology stacks. We have provided enterprise O&M support for HHS, OMB, EPA, DOT, ED, GSA, and the State of IL.

Enterprise Architecture Design and Management

Our enterprise architecture frameworks are built and maintained on modular and
container-based technology stacks that are managed and automated with enterprise tools for provisioning, monitoring, logging, configuration, and patching all digital stacks across the enterprise.

Enterprise Network and Systems Engineering

CTAC specializes in Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) network design. CTAC architects software-based, token-based, dual factor, and point-to-point hardware, VPN solutions. In the cloud, we design client-specific VPC modularized, streamline, and secure digital services across the enterprise.

System and Application Integration

We specialize in the integration and leveraging of Open Source technologies with the world’s leading IT vendors. By designing and implementing open standards and APIs we have helped our customers integrate enterprise solutions that are both cost effective and leverage investments with companies Oracle, Microsoft, and Google.

Risk Management

CTAC provides its clients with Enterprise Risk Management (ERM). Our team of architects have developed risk reductions methods and processes over the past 15 years of its enterprise IT services. Using industry standards and tools we tailor our approach to each client with specific compliance requirements such as HIPAA and FedRamp.

Operations and Maintenance

Our experienced team is able to quickly provide assessment, transition, and Operations and Management (O&M) services for enterprise systems and environment. We specialize in migrating existing enterprises to Amazon, Microsoft, and Google Cloud offerings to achieve up to 85% cost savings.