Application & Mobile Development

CTAC has a dedicated Digital Strategy group that includes developers, user experience specialists, and solution architects to ensure IT systems provide rich user experiences anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Custom CMS Development

CTAC has helped organizations such as GSA shift from legacy systems to extendable systems with open data and content-sharing APIs.

Rapid Prototype Development

The CTAC team utilizes Agile and Scrum development practices to ensure strong communication and transparency among teams ensuring stakeholder value through iterative releases.

UI/ UX Design

The most visible and interactive aspect of our work takes its cue from user experience. Our solutions are personally tailored for our customer’s purpose, keeping ease of use and access anywhere, on any device as a priority. We are highly proficient with the latest usability guidelines and research, incorporating innovative and contemporary aesthetics. We utilize tools for mind-mapping, workflows, and wireframing while observing results from constant user testing. Visuals and imagery are tested at every layer to assure quality from the end-user’s experience.

Custom Social Media Solutions

CTAC has been helping organizations expand their social media impact by incorporating the latest trends, reaching new demographics and engaging groups not previously accessible.