Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partnership

Falls Church, VA, November 30, 2016 – CTAC is pleased to announce that it has become a member of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Public Sector Partner Program. This builds on our existing relationship, where we are providing a complete cloud services and a cloud management portfolio to our public sector enterprise customers with fast, flexible access to the AWS Cloud. The AWS Public Sector Partner Program recognizes AWS Partner Network (APN) partners with solutions and experience delivering government customer missions globally.

Our relationship with AWS allows us to continue to build our public sector business, and provide mission critical services to agencies. CTAC has also become an AWS Letter of Supply holder and is one of five small businesses to have AWS on its GSA IT 70 schedule under SIN 132-40, Cloud Computing Services.

CTAC’s strong AWS practice has been at the forefront, providing AWS services to our Government customers since 2011. We have built web applications, content management platforms, databases, and APIs and have hosted them on the flexible, scalable, and secure AWS, providing significant cost savings from the traditional on-premises or co-location hosting models.

Our customers have expressed the following:

“Using AWS has let us develop with agility. CTAC with AWS lets us focus on development and business, and lets us take on new challenges. Without CTAC works on AWS, we would not be able to deliver outcomes to our systems that we do in the timeframes that we need to support our office and customers. With CTAC and AWS, we are building several internal/external systems to support public education campaigns to help educate the public about the dangers of regulated tobacco products.” – Technical Project Manager, CTP/FDA

“As our website partners, CTAC proved to be a valuable resource for our FleishmanHillard and our primary client, the Illinois Health Insurance Marketplace, in transitioning webs hosting from state-controlled government servers to AWS. Their hands-on approach and wealth of knowledge in the process was key to making the transition and keeping our clients informed at each step of the transition. CTAC really understands the process and potential issues, and that background was a major key to the success of the project.” Vice President, FleishmanHillard

“CTAC has brought great experience and capability on AWS that changes the way CPSC achieve the mission of protecting the consumer in a very positive way. CPSC is dedicated to informing and educating consumers and business while knowing that CTAC and AWS provides the platform to support our path to success. As CPSC strives for innovation and transparency, CTAC is a great AWS partner to empower us with scalability and availability that’s absolutely critical to our core business.” Technical Project Manager, CPSC

“CTAC’s open source solutions and cloud hosting services have enabled GSA’s family of websites to be secure, efficient and sustainable for future growth at reduced costs. Our partnership with CTAC has resulted in a Content Management Platform that can provide secure hosting solutions to the entire Federal Government at reduced costs.” Contracting Officer’s Representative, GSA/OCSIT

For additional information, please contact:

Aaron Stowell, Vice President & CTO; (703) 289-3809;
Anthony Custardo, Director of Business Development; (703) 942-6204;